Leading PR Guru: Brand Britain is Bad for Business

“Brexit has already damaged the UK’s “global brand”, according to the head of the world’s largest advertising conglomerate.

Writing exclusively for The Independent, Sir Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of WPP, suggests the xenophobic tone of the 2016 referendum campaign did serious harm that needs to be repaired and that Theresa May’s Brussels deal on 8 December over European Union citizens’ rights was merely the necessary first step.”

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Scotch Needs Protection From Cheap US Whiskey Imports

The online industry magazine,  The Drinks Business, reports:

“The Scottish economy secretary Keith Brown has written to the UK government asking for greater protection for Scotch, pointing out that the US has previously supported the relaxation of definitions for whiskey in the EU-US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a move that would undercut the position of Scotch.
“The US made clear in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership discussions that they would support a relaxation of the definition of whisky, which would open the market up to a number of products which do not currently meet that standard,” he said.”

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National Farmers’ Union Scotland Sets Out Its Vision

Most farms in Scotland still are family owned, according the National Farmers’ Union Scotland (NFUS). The work they put in to ensuring we have nutritious, healthy food on our plates is dauntless and often unrecognised. They have worked hard to earn the reputation as quality producers. Here they outline their vision for the future. They emphasise the importance of clear provenance:

‘The challenge we put to the Scottish Government, the UK Government, and the marketplace is to improve the position of farmers in the food supply chain by:

Ensuring that shoppers have the necessary origin and provenance information that allows them to make informed choices, boosting the sales of food that is local and Scottish. ‘

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#keepScotlandtheBrand – The Early Days

What do you do when, yet again, you have spent a morning chatting about how bad things are looking for the local farmers? When, yet again, you are talking about the double whammy of no workers and a persistent campaign to appropriate the brand identity producers have spent decades working to develop? When you mull over the affect on food prices, and food poverty, in Scotland if the small farms go bust and get bought up by big conglomerates who care more about their shareholders than they do the remaining hedgerows or that tree which has stood in the middle of the field for centuries….? For us, the answer was to get busy. And so Keep Scotland the Brand was born. The National was the first paper to recognise what significance this issue held for Scotland.

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