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Keep Scotland the Brand goes to Perth

Want to find out more about #keepScotlandtheBrand? This is a recording of the event hosted by Common Weal in Perth, with thanks to Darryl and William, among others.
This is similar to the talk given to groups across Scotland, from the Rotarians in Angus to public meetings in Dumfries and Galloway. The questions asked differ according to the perspective of the groups but the answer to one thing is always the same: This is not a party political campaign nor is it about the constitution. It is about the future of our food and drink producers, our economy, and the quality of the food on our plates.

Make a cup of tea and watch the event


Enjoy a ‘Full Scottish’ with Keep Scotland the Brand

Ruth Watson explains what the campaign is about on Broadcasting Scotland’s Sunday magazine programme, the  ‘Full Scottish’ 

Time for another cup of tea and a comfy seat to watch the event